Perfect Pride Pins!

When we received the below press release for Wedrevo’s new range of cute animal pride pins we were super excited. We knew the press release wouldn’t be enough for you colourful lot, so we pinned them down for an interview to find out more! 

For this year’s Pride month, we decided to create a series of enamel pins that give a light touch and a fun twist to the current times. We hope to lift everyone’s spirits and encourage people to celebrate Pride while maintaining social distancing!

Our choice of animals is not random. We carefully picked animals who have exhibited homosexual and/or non-gender specific behaviour. These little cuties are all true members of the community. ️ We decided to give each of them their own story but kept their masks in the general pride colours to keep them inclusive and allow everyone to pick their favourite! Pins will arrive on cool backing cards with the animal’s name and profile. Packaging will be discreet.

This project is created by WEDREVO co-founders Arghierenia Kyrimi and Selene Bueno Capuano. WEDREVO is a website focusing on non-traditional weddings and everything related, catering to LGBTQ+, feminist, and alternative couples!

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Our animals are a group of international friends who met in Brighton, they were all really looking forward to this year’s Pride and got really upset when it got cancelled. Proudah the Zebra decided to cheer up her friends by making rainbow face masks for all of them. Proudah thought If they have to wear a mask to protect themselves and others from this pandemic, at least they can do it with pride!

Who’s who:

PAN-PAN the Koala

PAN-PAN is a pansexual Koala originally from Australia. PAN-PAN likes bamboo tea and baking cakes!

Bibee the Elephant

Bibee is a bisexual elephant originally from India. Bibee likes peanuts, papayas and shiatsu massages!

Queerie the Sheep

Queerie is a genderqueer sheep originally from Scotland. Queerie likes football and edible glitter on toast.

Gaylen the Penguin

Gaylen is a gay penguin originally from Antartica. Gaylen likes ice lollies, basketball and homemade sushi.

Enby the Dolphin 

Enby is a non-binary dolphin originally from the Canary Islands. Enby likes beach parties and potato tortillas.

Transnart the Lion

Transnart is a trans Lion originally from Africa. Transnart loves veggies and word plays – just read the name backwards!

Polly the Monkey

Polly is a polysexual monkey originally from Indonesia. Polly likes magic tricks, tofu and board games.

Lesbey the Cat

Lesbey is a lesbian cat originally from Greece. Lesbey likes clams, moussaka and doing yoga.

Proudah the Zebra

Proudah is a PROUD zebra originally from South Africa. Proudah likes protecting the community by giving back kicks to those who threaten our rights!

2. How will you be celebrating pride at home?

London Pride was supposed to be in late June and the famous Brighton Pride early August. So since neither are happening we plan to Celebrate from the start of June all the way to the end of August in any way we can! Seems fair, no?

We are planning virtual house parties with friends and of course we will be available on our social media for anyone who needs the company! Other than that we will be busy promoting our pins, getting them ready and shipping them to all our wonderful backers!

They should arrive just in time for August and we will be encouraging people to upload photos of themselves wearing our pins on instagram and use #wedrevo so we can all come together through the power of social media! Additionally, we will be sharing all photos to our Instagram stories!!

Oh and we will probably spend every day covered in glitter. We love glitter.

3. Obviously you are pro pet couture, but what other accessories do you like?

If the animals are happy, safe and feeling fabulous we are all for pet couture! Bibee the Elephant for example loves trunk tucking and even before coronavirus you’d usually see Bibee wearing patterned scarves! (Especially designer ones… Bibee is a big diva). Then there’s Lesbey, Lesbey loves little kitty hats and pussy bows. Transnart loves mane accessories… Polly loves waistcoats… they all really do love dressing up!

4. What’s your favourite sandwich?

An LGBTQ, of course! Seriously! Lettuce, guac, beans, tomatoes and queso make for a delicious filling! Preferably on sourdough rye or wrapped in a corn tortilla.

5. If your business had a mission statement, what would it be?

The wedding industry is outdated and exclusionary, it no longer speaks to the younger generations. WEDREVO is here to change this with inclusive products, unique services and revolutionary planning tools.

Our shop is opening June 2020 with more features and products to be added later this year. Our blog is already live! To learn more about our mission, have a look at our article Heteronormativity is most people’s secret wedding planner and it’s time we expose it 

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