BREAKING: Weetabix and Heinz breaks the internet!

And we’re so here for it. Earlier today, Weetabix shared this monstrosity of a tweet:

It suggested that baked beans may be a suitable thing to put on top of breakfast cereal. We want to take this opportunity to clarify that we are reporting this statement – not condoning it or suggesting it should be something you try at home – no matter how much Lockdown is getting to you!

If you weren’t so disgusted that you slammed your computer shut and went out for a brisk walk to clear your head, you would have seen some of the hilarious replies from other UK brands. We have compiled them below for your convenience.

Nandos just wanted to check in…

The RSPCA had welfare concerns…

As did the NHS. Our health workers deserve better than this, Weetabix, what were you thinking?!

Police have responded to the incident, but were apparently unable to find evidence of any crime. Come on, there is photographic evidence right there in the tweet!

Iceland tried to have the tweet removed, which must be why mums go there…

But full marks have to be given to Sainsbury’s who reference the viral Handforth Parish Council meeting that has also taken the internet by storm:

Not to be defeated, Heinz plays along in our favourite interaction of the thread!

And it continued…

Genuinely not sure if this is the Flat Earth society making fun of themselves, or whether… I mean… has this pushed them over the edge…?

Sky tried to help, but it was too late…

And even the government got involved:

As yet there have been no reports of injuries as a result of this reckless breakfast combination, but we will keep you updated. Stay safe Nibblers, and don’t do this.

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